USPA Events

USPA Events

The USPA hosts regular events aimed at a fostering a stronger postdoc community and offering professional development training

Monthly Science & Social Hour

Every month the USPA hosts a Science & Social Hour spotlighting aspects of postdoctoral research and life.  Postdocs volunteer to make short presentations about their research, their experience applying for grants,  how to get the most our of their health benefits, or any topic that might be of interest to the postdoc community.  Postdocs are encouraged to volunteer to present.  Contact ucscstempostdocs@gmail to volunteer!

Pizza and beverages are served at each event. Students, staff and faculty are also welcome at these events.

Quarterly Off Campus Social Hour

Every quarter the USPA in collaboration with the UAW 5810 (Postdoc Union) host an off campus social hour to foster postdoc community and allow postdocs at different UCSC campuses to connect with one another.    Contact ucscstempostdocs@gmail to help organize or suggest off campus social outings!

The union provides free food and drink to the first attendees. Friends and family are also welcome at these events.

Special Workshops 

The USPA also holds specialized workshops.  Past topics include grant writing, academic job packet preparation, career panel discussions and interview preparation.

Please see the latest news for currently planned events.

Contact to suggest or help organize events!