2nd Annual Postdoc Symposium

The 2nd Annual UCSC Postdoc symposium will be on April 21, 2017!

The symposium will be held at the Stevenson Event Center, located at the beautiful Cowell and Stevenson college at UCSC.

The symposium will showcase some of the exciting research by postdocs around campus! The talks will be given by postdocs. Graduate students and postdocs are welcome to present posters. Prizes for best talks and posters!!

All UCSC members are welcome to attend the symposium! Please register here.

Symposium Schedule

Our invited speakers:

Career discussion panel:

  • Tommy Hendrickson, PhD: Climate change and sustainability specialist, ICF
  • Huong Le, PhD, Scientist, Amgen
  • Jim McLoughlin, PhD, MBA: Executive Director, Technology & Licensing, Pfizer (Retired)
  • Trevor Morin, PhD: Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Two Pore Guys
  • Vu Thai, PhD: Development Scientist, Bayer
  • Petra Volna, PhD: Medical Writer, Genentech

The panel will be held in an open discussion format and we encourage the audience to come prepared with questions for the panelists. The goal of this discussion is to address the following broad topics:

  • What are these jobs?
  • How does one transition from the academic realm into the ‘industry’ realm?
  • How do we as postdocs/graduate students prepare for this transition?
  • How do you take your research ideas and start a company?
  • How is it to work in a team?
  • What are the benefits packages?
  • What support is available for families with young children?
  • What are the future career paths available to you?
  • How is the work-life balance?

This symposium would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Special thanks to you all:

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